At BeckWay Group, we understand that organizational success can be distilled into one critical component: the right people. That’s why we are passionate about working with experienced operations executives who share our values and are driven to help companies achieve their full potential.

Through our Executive Led Program, we are partnering with experienced and entrepreneurial private equity CEOs of PE-backed firms who are currently available and/or considering their next “at bat.”


Our role is to support the executive by optimizing their value and prospects for success, moving them from a ‘big picture’ idea to a tailored thesis with a well-researched business case. The core features of our program include:

Our Executive Led Program works “both ways,” by delivering unique value to both financial sponsors and executives.

Financial Sponsors enjoy a “first-look” at proprietary deals and investment concepts, with a vetted PE executive leading the process.

Executives benefit from significant leverage in the development of the investment thesis, as well as an expansion of their network.

How It Works:

BeckWay Group (BWG) enters into an exclusive and confidential relationship with the executive, documented in a short-term agreement. BWG will assign a senior executive and supporting analyst. In return for exclusivity, BWG shares deal-related placement fees and financial incentives with the executive.

If you know someone who might be the right fit, contact Colin Garner at